Thursday, 3 May 2012

My Story Name

Hi my name is Lose
I was named after my grandpa’s sister. We've got the same name. Her name is Lose and my name is like hers I love my name just the way it is. I love my name.

My name means Rose. My Auntie Penita never called me Lose because she liked Rose better than Lose but I like both names. I love Rose because it is like a flower and the roses are my favourite flower.

 I was going to be named after my mum’s dad’s mum. Her name was Lesiely but she already died. I never ever in my life saw her but I did see her when she was dead. Sifila and I were crying I was crying at home too.

My mum was going to call me Lesiely because she was going to name the girls and my dad was going to name the boys. Instead my grandpa named me Lose and my sister Sifila and my aunty Sela named my brother Alifeleti and my nana Tominika named my sister Tominika and my aunty named my second to last brother. She named him Soa because that was her husband's name and my aunty Hilida and my uncle Chridafa named my youngest brother Chrisda.


Jay said...

I think the story of your name is very interesting Lose. I'm glad you love your name because it is very special. I especially like the way you explained how all your brothers and sisters got their names as well.

Hannah said...

Hi Lose I thought your story was really great. I liked the way you explained how your brothers and sisters got their names and I thought your name was really nice because I like roses too and your name is really pretty too.

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